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Montefiore: A place for Gin

On the 7th and last floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a special place dedicated to lovers of mixed drinks and not only, created in collaboration with Plymouth Gin.


Enclosed in an intimate space surrounded by tropical plants, located in a private part of the Terrazza Gallia Bar, there is Montefiore, a place for gin. Designed and created in exclusive collaboration with Plymouth Gin and an idea by Giovanni Fiorin. Eight selected seats, a mini-bar equipped with a gin station and a dedicated mixologist are the characteristics of Montefiore, which aims to become a reference for gin fans and not only.
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The cocktail list has been created ad hoc and each proposal refers to anecdotes of the history of good drinking, recalling the century-old history of Plymouth Gin. Even the most classic drinks have been included, accompanied by snacks and delicacies prepared by the chefs of Terrazza Gallia. A verdant setting, enriched by tropical plants and soft lights, is the setting for Montefiore, which overlooks the splendid view of the majestic Central Station, a real vantage point offered by Terrazza Gallia.
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